Indigomaha will consist of a denim-centric, indigo blue aesthetic. By utilizing recycled denim, clothes that would otherwise end up in a landfill will be given new life. Denim garments will be reconstructed, incorporating a patch-work of multiple patinas, washes, and fades. Unfinished hems, exposed seams, and visible stitching create a distressed aesthetic. 


This collection, draws inspiration from workwear (painters, carpenters, sculptors, makers).  Splattered paint embellishment can be seen as Pollock inspired or haphazardly acquired on the job site. Hand painted hippie iconography adds pops of color to a wash of blue, with smiley faces, mushrooms, and peace signs scattered throughout the collection. 

Garments are unique and versatile. Deadstock vintage tees are tie-dyed using natural dyes, then embellished with hand painted symbols of peace and love. Tunic sheath dresses incorporate the utility of aprons, with large kangaroo pockets and square necklines. These Apron Dresses can be worn independently, or styled over pants, tees, and collared shirts to emphasize itโ€™s workwear origins.  Denim waistband wraps will be highly customizable.

Drawing inspiration from Indonesian Sarongs, the wrap skirt is refashioned out of recycled denim jean waistbands. With an easily adaptable array of buttons, the wrapโ€™s silhouette can be changed completely in a matter of seconds. Worn as a skirt, dress, or even a shawl.

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